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hey mom, so if you scroll down, the first entry..which may look like the last entry to you since it's at the bottom..but anyways, the first entry is where i posted my icons. i gave a description of what they are, and then you can see in yellow it says "here be the icons" click that and it takes you to the pictures of all the pretty icons that i made.

you could post whatever you want, write about Rob, and then have your viewers click a link to get to whatever photos. i would have to explain in detail over the phone, but i was just showing you the basic layout. you can post as much as you want, and they are seperated, as you can also see, so it's much easier to read and for others to read. and you can make it different colors and stuff..i made mine like that because it matches my background of that Nick photo, see?

tell me what you think!

backstreet boys icons, backstreet boys, nick carter icons, aj mclean, nick carter


Ok, sorry there hasn't been another update yet, but with the holidays around, I've been pretty busy! I'm going to try and get more friends & what not. A lot of the people who use my icons are from forums that I am a part of, many don't even use livejournal. But I hope to make new friends on here :) Anyways, I promise to make loads when I get a free minute!

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backstreet boys icons, backstreet boys, nick carter icons, aj mclean, nick carter


I enjoy making icons, so I decided to create a page here. I will mainly create Nick Carter and BSB icons. I may throw in some Shia LaBeouf, or random nature scenes. Depends on my mood.

I will also make icons for you, if you'd like one, just request it and give me a link to the picture and details on what you'd like.

I am currently using Linux as my operating system instead of Windows. Therefore, the only paint program they provide is something called Gimp, and I have limited knowledge of this program. The next post you see, the icons will be much better & diverse as I am getting Windows back soon & will be able to work with PaintShopPro again.

One more thing. I save my icons as Gif images. Png is a slightly better quality, but on a lot of websites, the Png has to large of a file size.

My first page of icons are ones I made throughout this past year, but I've added some new ones as well that I've been making the last few days. Not sure how often I will update, but I'm shooting for weekly, or every 2 weeks.

Welp, hope you enjoy :) Please either credit CarterIcons or BeautifulDiskize (I go by both) Thanx.
♥ Katie

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